Montgomery County Council Scorecard

Bill 49-21E: Establish Police Disciplinary Boards link

Creates Montgomery County's civilian-based police disciplinary boards for greater accountability and community involvement in police discipline. Mandated by the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021.

JUFJCF Position



Passed unanimously April 19, 2022

Final vote

Matched JUFJCF position
S = Councilmember was a sponsor
  • Amendments supported by JUFJCF
  • Changed membership requirement language to include lived experience and not just professional experience, so the disciplinary boards can reflect the diversity of the community. Passed
  • Ensured disciplinary boards would have the resources needed to do their work by providing for dedicated full-time staff and outside, independent counsel. Passed
  • Added compensation for members of the board who were not previously compensated to enable community members of all income levels to serve. Passed