Montgomery County Council Scorecard

Bill 49-20: Housing Justice Act link

"Ban the box" policy for housing that prevents landlords from discriminating against renters because of prior encounters with law enforcement. Because of the systemic racism embedded in our criminal legal system, this primarily affects Black and brown renters.

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Passed unanimously April 20, 2021

Final vote

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S = Councilmember was a sponsor
  • Amendments opposed by JUFJCF
  • Creates a exception for people who are facing criminal charges, which undermines the due process and presumption of innocence that are supposed to be at the heart of our legal system. Passed
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    Tom Hucker (District 5)
    Will Jawando (At-large)
    Andrew Friedson (District 1)
    Sidney Katz (District 3)
    Gabe Albornoz (At-large)
    Hans Riemer (At-large)