Montgomery County Council Scorecard

Bill 29-20: Tax breaks for development at Metro sites link

Provides tax breaks to developers for construction at Metro sites, without requiring they create adequate affordable housing or pay workers fairly.

JUFJCF Position



Passed October 6, 2020; Veto overridden October 27, 2020

Final vote

Matched JUFJCF position
Tom Hucker (District 5)
Will Jawando (At-large)
Did not match JUFJCF position
  • Amendments supported by JUFJCF
  • Requires the inclusion of some housing in new development projects at Metro sites that receive tax breaks. Passed
  • Increases the number of affordable housing units in these development projects at Metro sites. Passed
  • Would have guaranteed fair wages for the workers building these developments at Metro sites. Failed
  • Limits the duration of the tax breaks provided by this bill. Passed